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MinuSkull speakers add some creepiness to your audio

French design firm has come up with some cool but creepy speakers. The scariest thing about them, however, might be the price.


Strangely shaped speakers aren't exactly the most outrageous things we've encountered.

Speaker drivers can be built into almost anything, with results ranging from the cute and gimmicky iPig iPod dock to high-end horn speakers shaped like butterflies. Now, we have the MinuSkull, a dual-driver-powered speaker that's shaped like a more angular human skull.

The MinuSkull is available in walnut, black lacquer, or white lacquer. Kuntzel+Degas

With a distinctive design, the MinuSkull is the handiwork of French design company Kuntzel+Degas, which is made up of artists Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Olivie. The speaker is self-powered with a built-in 50W RMS amplifier and weighs less than 11 pounds.

It's also a fully analog speaker with a pair of RCA stereo inputs, which allows the connection of nearly any device, from smartphones to home A/V receivers. Multiple speakers can also be used simultaneously, even for 5.1-channel surround setups--though you'll need to bring your own subwoofer.

On the back, you'll find dual RCA stereo inputs, a switch for changing sources, and a volume knob.

Available in three finishes--walnut, black lacquer, and white lacquer--the MinuSkull is handcrafted in France and is available now from the company's Web site. Prices start at $1,960 per speaker.

(Source: Crave Asia via On-TopAudio.fr)