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'Minority Report' Lexus on eBay

Find the 2054 model-year Lexus from 'Minority Report' for sale in eBay.

Who needs a flux capacitor? eBay Motors

If you're not interested in going back to the future by splashing out on a new DeLorean DMC-12, then you might consider bringing the future back home with you by bidding on eBay Motors for a copy of the futuristic Lexus that Tom Cruise thrashed around in the movie Minority Report.

According to the seller, the 2054 model-year car, which is one of only three made by Lexus, is about the same size as a Chrysler 300 and has only 38 miles on it since it was built. Curiously, it boasts a six-cylinder Chevy engine--which is 47,000 miles old--and comes with a manual transmission ("kind of an auto-stick" according to the mechanically minded seller). The ad suggests that the fiberglass and steel car is probably street legal, but advises potential buyers to check local regulations on open-wheel cars. It's yours for the Buy It Now price of $88,000, which includes a "free" custom-built interior.

Source: Autoblog