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Ministry of Sound MOSMP085: More like Ministry of Silly Names

Ministry of Sound's new MOSMP085 MP3 player packs some uninspiring specs under its metallic hood, but why in the world companies still give products such backward names is beyond us

Ministry of Sound has pelvic thrusted out a new MP3 player into the clubland arena, snappily called the MOSMP085. Aside from including five preloaded Ministry of Shhhhh tracks, it'll play MP3, WMA and WAV files, along with protected WMA content from online stores such as Rhapsody.

Along with features being a little thin on the ground, the player itself is pretty thin. It's got a 51mm (2-inch) colour screen and comes in 1GB and 2GB capacity options.

Now we've seen Ministry of Sucky MP3 Players' previous effort, a very average 512MB player called the Stix -- yes, this was back when megabytes were considered useful. The player's shoddy build quality was one of the shortcomings MoS fans glossed over, however, as its controlled bass response was desirable for dance connoisseurs.

Whether or not this new chap's got what it takes to succeed in a nano-dominated market, time will tell. The MoS name is likely to help peddle a few units, mind.

The MOSMP085 goes on sale later this month for £59. Prepare not to be wowed. -Nate Lanxon