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Mini Galaxy S3 evidence piling up before Samsung event

A European retailer lists the shrunken hit Android phone in a few different flavors.

The universe might be expanding, but the Galaxy S3 could be shrinking. Samsung

Looks like "mini" is going to be in this holiday season. There's more reason to believe today that Samsung is going to be introducing a smaller version of its blockbuster Galaxy S3 Android phone later this week.

Samsung sent out an invite for an October 11 event that says something about small being big or some other clever, oxymoronic and mysterious marketing speech, depending on which translation app you use.

The prospect of a slightly shrunken version of Samsung's flagship phone seemed like a good bet from the start, and that notion has been bolstered by a screenshot -- apparently from a Scandinavian retailer -- that lists a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, available in blue or white and with or without an NFC chip.

The Galaxy S3 has been a top seller, but it's also near the top of the list of out-sized smartphones approaching the meaty 5-inch screen size. A mini GS3 could be a way for Samsung to methodically pick off any possible excuse a consumer could find for not picking up this hot phone. Perhaps Samsung's next Galaxy phone will cook and clean as well?