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Mini fling and the 'bling' thing

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, an accessory maker known mostly for monochrome products like cables and speakers, has joined the ranks of other so-called iPod fashionistas by offering its take on "bling."

Mini fling
Credit: DLO

South Carolina-based DLO this week started shipping its mini fling cases for the '"fashion conscious" iPod mini owner who wants something functional with "just the right amount of bling." The case costs $34.99 on the DLO site, comes in a dozen styles and features a removable wristlet with charm, an elastic loop for headphone or lipstick storage and a flip-up cosmentic mirror. Perhaps most intriguing is an iridescent "psychedelic" finish that comes in the pink, green and blue iPod Mini colors.

I, for one, am amazed at the ubiquity of the word "bling" to describe everything from iPod cases, to even an on a USB dock for the iPod Shuffle. Here are a few more iPod "bling" things: the iPod Bling Crystal Kit, the Gucci iPod case and P Diddy's HP Diamond iPod.

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