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Mini Dragon Runner bot likes being thrown around

Qinetiq North America's latest military robot weighs about 10 pounds and is designed to be the forward eyes and ears of troops.

Qinetiq North America

Qinetiq North America today launched a more compact, lighter version of its Dragon Runner military robot that can be thrown into hostile environments to reconnoiter before troops move in.

The DR10 controller is wearable. Qinetiq North America

Weighing about 10 pounds and measuring 15 inches long by 13.5 inches wide, the DR10 can be transported in a pack and easily deployed in the field. It's controlled with a wearable interface and has sensors that allow it to operate day and night.

The machine is meant to support small military units and first responders, and can carry out IED disposal missions and conduct surveillance.

As seen in the promo vid below, the DR10 can be configured with different payloads such as cameras, sensors, and robotic arms, and can move on tracks or wheels. It will automatically flip its video images, antennas, and controls after being thrown.

"Military robotic missions save lives, and if possible, it's better to send the robot in first," Qinetiq's JD Crouch said in a release. "Dragon Runner 10 is a practical solution that makes it easier to carry and operate sophisticated robots in theater."

Qinetiq deployed its Dragon Runner and Talon ground robots to Japan earlier this year to help deal with the Fukushima nuclear crisis.