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Mini aluminium Nano add-on

Trick out your third-gen Nano with Creative's TravelSound i80, a teeny, rechargeable speaker that fits snug against your player.

Shine on, you crazy ... speaker.

In the last few weeks before the excitement-fest that is WWDC, iPod owners may be getting a little fidgety. Well, you can always fill in the angst-ridden time by distracting yourself with shiny accessories.

One way to trick out your third-gen Nano is with Creative's TravelSound i80 speaker. It's aluminium, it fits snug against your player, and it has four micro-drivers shoved into its innards. An included AC charger both juices up the speaker's battery and charges your Nano. Nifty.

Best feature? The LED indicator, which tells you when the lithium polymer battery is about to cark it. (Creative cites 15 hours of partying between charges.)

As for the worst feature, AU$89.95 is a bit steep for a teeny little speaker, but if you're into travel and need to save as much space as possible, it could be the go.

The TravelSound i80 is available now.