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Minecraft: Story Mode crafting its way to your consoles, phone in October

Telltale Games announces that the upcoming episodic adventure game will launch on consoles, smartphones and tablets in the middle of next month.

Get ready to get your game on, blockheads. Telltale Games announced on the company's blog on Wednesday exactly when you'll be able to begin your Minecraft: Story Mode adventure.

The game, a point-and-click single-player adventure based on the popular open-world building game Minecraft, will go live on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 worldwide on October 13, followed by a launch on iOS and Android on October 15. It will also be coming to the Wii U and PlayStation Vita, but when hasn't yet been announced.

Players will embark on an adventure that will take them through the Overworld, the Nether, to the End and beyond as they try to find the dragon-slaying group The Order of the Stone to help them save the world from impending doom.

Players can customize the playable character, which is named Jesse, by choosing one of three different looks in addition to choosing male or female.

Like Telltale's other games, Minecraft: Story Mode will be released in several episodes, typically one every month or so. Based on Telltale's track record creating incredible games based on the "Borderlands," "The Walking Dead" and , Minecraft: Story Mode will likely be a compelling, fun game to play.

You can re-watch the trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode at the top of this post as you prepare yourself for the first episode of the game to be released in October.