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Mind your manners with LinkMe SMS bracelet

Stop pulling out your phone and checking messages. This Kickstarter accessory puts them right on your wrist.

Handcuffed to social media? At least be stylish about it. Kickstarter

You've played that "no phones at dinner" game and lost. You can't bear ignoring your messages. Well, this bit of bling could be your new best friend.

LinkMe is a digital bracelet that displays the messages, Facebook updates, and tweets that you need most.

Billed as a world first on its Kickstarter page, LinkMe will "display the messages and alerts you choose, making your entire social life available to you with just a glance at your wrist."

The chunky chrome gadget makes checking for messages as easy and surreptitious as checking the hour on your wristwatch, should you still own such ancient technology. It can also help you stay in close touch with loved ones.

You can set LinkMe to display messages from a preferred list of contacts, and decide how you'd like to be alerted. It links wirelessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the LinkMe app.

While it certainly doesn't seem as rude (for those who care) to glance at your wrist instead of a phone screen, messages on LinkMe can be seen by others, so you're sacrificing some privacy.

Meanwhile, the red LED text scrolls along the bracelet's surface and can take some time to read. Whether a "billboard" on your wrist is any less intrusive during a conversation remains to be seen.

Still, until tweets are beamed directly into our visual cortex, many will welcome ways of making hardware more discreet.

Early birds can preorder LinkMe for $99 from the campaign, which is shooting for $100,000 by May 5.