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Mind-blowing tattoo makes man look like machine

A tattoo with amazing 3D-looking depth makes a man's arm look like it belongs to a shape-shifting android with peeling skin. Even famous street artist Banksy thinks it's cool.

No, it's not a character from a sci-fi show. It's just a guy with an awesome tattoo. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

We might not yet have androids roaming around covered in cool carbon-fiber-matrix skin, but there's nothing stopping us from pretending that we do. And that's kind of what this man in the UK can now do thanks to this amazing tattoo that makes him look like he's part multilayered machine.

The tattoo was created by Tony Booth, who owns runs Dabs Tattoo in Southport, England, along with his wife Lisa.

"The client and Tony came up with the concept between them and it grew from an upper arm sleeve to a full sleeve and then it carried on to his hand, shoulder and upper chest," Lisa told CNET's Crave.

She said the tattoo took multiple sessions to complete over the course of 18 months. It won top prize in the category of "Best Blackwork Tattoo" (out of about 35 entries) at the "Tattoo Tea Party" convention in Manchester, England, at the beginning of the month.

The tattoo represents a specialty of Tony Booth, who excels at working in black ink and creating geometric designs, as well as a type of tattoo known as "dotwork," in which exceedingly complicated designs are made one dot at a time.

The tattoo emerged Thursday on the Instagram page of acclaimed street artist Banksy, which sounds even cooler than winning an award at a competition.

You can see more of Booth's work on the Dabs Tattoo site as well as on his Instagram page.

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(Via Design Taxi)