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Milky Way rising over the horizon stars in astronaut's space photo

On a clear night, you can see for light-years from the ISS. A gorgeous photo shares a view of the rising Milky Way with Earth-bound space fans.

Space is home to some gorgeous views.


Most people have seen a sunrise. Most people have seen a moonrise. It's much harder to catch a truly great look at the Milky Way rising. It helps if you're floating aboard the International Space Station. European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake took a lovely photo of the Milky Way coming up over the Earth's horizon.

The image shows the gentle glowing curve of the planet with a thick blanket of stars against the dark of space. Peake's wide view is a delight, but if you want to dive deeper into the Milky Way, check out this massive astronomical image of our galaxy that comes in at 46 billion pixels.

Peake tweeted the image on Wednesday. His photos often rack up a couple thousand retweets, but this particular beauty is closing in on 5,000 shares. Peake's space exploits have been fun to follow as he celebrated Towel Day in May, snapped a selfie during a historic spacewalk and took a time-lapse video of lightning flickering across Earth. The astronaut is set to return to the ground this month.