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Milkshakes for everybody, and only one straw needed

DIY Drinking Strawz combine many little pieces into one, big, crazy straw. U-Turns and 'four-way' drinking branches included.

The new instrument of peace. Think Geek

The official Krazy Straw has been given an official run for its money. DIY Drinking Strawz from Think Geek are a nifty set of completely customizable straws. The package contains 36 dishwasher-safe components, including 20 flexible rubber connectors and 16 translucent straw pieces for all your crazy (note: not krazy) straw needs. While you're shopping for your very own set, be sure to check out the Think Geek "action shots" of actual straws being used in the field.

The best thing about these straws? Yes, that's right; four-way pieces are included. Now, finally, we can escape the shackles of solo straw usage, and discover the joys of sharing our drink with others.

Of course, the idea of a straw that could go on forever has major peace making implications. Remember that old ad jingle, "I'd like to buy the world a Coke?" Well, now, not only can you, but you can share that Coke, too.

However, as with any new technology dropped in our laps unexpectedly, we must proceed into the future with caution. Daniel Day-Lewis' milkshake-drinking straw-use policy in There Will Be Blood can teach us all a valuable lesson: if we succumb to the darker side of straw-related enjoyment, the future is a place we might rather not envision.

Please people, use this straw for good.