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Tech Industry

Mike Magee to leave The Inquirer

Founder of two of the tech industry's landmark news Web sites is off to try something different, hopefully having taught the rest of his staff how to scam free drinks off Intel.

Mike Magee, who founded two of the cheekiest-yet-influential technology news sites ever to grace the Internet, plans to leave The Inquirer in February.

If you're not in the chip industry, or if you've never written about it, you might not know Magee. But Intel and AMD executives, all the way to the top, are all too familiar with his work covering their industries over the past decade in classic British tabloid style. Magee confirmed his plans to leave via e-mail, saying he wanted "to try something a little different."

Both The Inquirer and The Register, Magee's original publication, carved out a space for themselves on the Web against the entrenched trade industry players way back before blogging was the Next Big Thing. They are required reading for hardware executives and reporters, both for the stories they generate and the biting wit they bring to a very buttoned-down industry.

Good luck to Mike in whatever comes next down the road, which will likely involve a pint and a smoke along the way. He's our combination of Hunter Thompson and Bob Woodward.