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Mii madness goes to 'The Office'

Someone creates an army of champions.

Flickr user n1c1c8

There have been plenty of sites out there showcasing how to make Miis, the little avatars for Nintendo's Wii games, for various celebrities, even turning them into Coen Brothers-inspired machinima (Miichinima?) with a re-enactment of a scene from The Big Lebowski. Now it's gone a step further into the pop-culture realm, as I learned on Best Week Ever that someone with way too much time on his/her hands has created a Flickr gallery of Miis for most of the cast members of NBC's "The Office."

CHALLENGE: First person to make an "I'm a Mac" ad using Miis gets to be Crave's person of the day. If it's good, you can even be person of the week.