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Mig downs drone

Georgian air force claims Russians shot down unarmed UAV.

UAVs may have been stealing the publicity limelight of late from traditional war birds, but there's little doubt of who comes out on top in a dogfight as seen in this video of a purported Russian MIG-29 drilling a Georgian drone.

Georgia's air force provided Reuters with video footage it said was recorded and transmitted by the UAV's on-board camera before it was shot down.

The video opens on a lovely spring day over what could be the Black Sea, then focuses in on a swooping jet aircraft. The jet, with no visible identification markings, fires a missile that comes up on the drone in a languid uppercut, before the screen goes to static.

"On April 20 a Russian Mig-29 fighter jet shot down an unarmed, unmanned air vehicle which was performing basic reconnaissance over Georgian territory," Georgian air force Colonel David Nairashvili told Reuters. "It's absolutely illegal for a Russian Mig-29 to be there."

Russia has denied involvement.