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Microwave drawer is Sharp

The updated version of Sharp's drawer microwave has a larger interior and revamped controls.

Sharp, don't you think? Sharp

I think drawer appliances are just plain cool, except for this one. This one is hot, which is good, because it's a microwave. It's the next-generation Insight Pro microwave drawer oven from Sharp, which comes in two widths, 24 inches and 30 inches.

The new ovens feature larger interior space within the same exterior footprint as their predecessors. You'll find a new beverage center and some new automatic settings.

Didn't have time to drink that grande latte? You can fit a 20-ounce coffee cup inside this machine. Do you need to heat a casserole? You can slide your 9 inch by 13 inch dish in comfortably.

One-touch buttons let you "warm," "soften," or "melt" as necessary. Defrost your boneless and bone-in chicken via preprogrammed options. Also, it's a drawer, which means no more reaching above your head to get a hot plate.

You can find the drawer microwave in stores now for about $900.