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Microwave cooks to a different tune

The BGH Quick Chef Music plays a song instead of a beeping noise when cooking is complete. An integrated USB port allows users to upload their own songs.

Kitchen appliances don't usually offer much to excite the ear. At best, when a task is completed, they signal with a simple "beep."

And it's not to be unexpected; all it is meant to do is alert the user that something is ready.

There may not be a plethora of information available and tech specs seem to be non-existent, but the Argentinian company, BGH, is producing a microwave that cooks to a different tune. The BGH Quick Chef Music incorporates a USB port that lets users upload a song to be played instead of the all-too-familiar beeping sound that most of us have come to associate with a finished bag of popcorn

Just like any other microwave, users punch in their time and power level, but when cooking is complete, the microwave automatically plays the uploaded song until the door is opened. The company has produced a series of videos to promote the device, showing users dancing to some (amusingly butchered) classic songs. It remains to be seen how the record company execs will react.

Via OhGizmo!