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Microwave concept projects its innards

The Proinjector design concept melds a projector into a microwave so you can watch your food cook on the kitchen wall.

Proinjector microwave concept
It's like having your own personal Food Network show. Hwang Jungjoon/Lee Jaeryong

I had an incident recently where oatmeal bubbled over the top of the bowl and coated my microwave with a gloppy mess. If only I had a microwave with a built-in projector, I would have seen it coming much more clearly.

Designers Hwang Jungjoon and Lee Jaeryong are already on top of this issue with a concept that melds a microwave and a projector. It's called the "Proinjector," which sounds more like a fancy turkey prep accessory than a kitchen appliance.

The idea is that the projector captures what's happening inside and projects it against the kitchen wall. You don't have to squint through the thick front window of your microwave to see if the chicken cacciatore is about to explode.

It's also ideal for people who are worried about radiation exposure from hovering around the microwave. This could be a hot seller in Green Bank, W.Va.

The Proinjector recently netted a Red Dot international design competition award as a top design concept.

The cylindrical shape is quite a bit more attractive than your standard blocky microwave, but it doesn't give you a place to stack all of your unused kitchen gadgets.

I would like to see an oven version of the Proinjector. Then I could check on my pizza without receiving a furnace blast to the face.