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Microtek to replace i900 flatbed scanner

Microtek to replace i900 flatbed scanner

When we reviewed the Microtek ScanMaker i900 flatbed scanner two years ago, we named it the best flatbed for creative professionals on a budget and gave it an Editor's Choice award.

Microtek now has announced that it will replace the i900 early next year with the new ArtixScan M1. This new scanner will offer: 4800x9600dpi resolution, 16-bit per channel color, Digital ICE dust and scratch removal technology for film and reflective scans, autofocus to switch between reflective and film scanning, USB 2.0 and FireWire interfaces, the same quality tensioned film holders (as Microtek's i800), as well as the company's patented Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (E.D.I.T.). This patented technology provides a separate film scanning path, below the flatbed glass, to avoid Newton rings and other problems that can occur when scanning film through glass.

The ArtixScan M1 can work with 35mm slides or film, 4x5-inch film, medium-format 120 film, and any reflective media, such as photographs, magazines, or other documents measuring up to 8.4x14 inches. LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast scanning software will ship with the scanner. Microtek hopes to ship the ArtixScan M1, which is expected to retail for $699, to stores this February. The new scanner will also be available through the company's online store.