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Microsoft's Xbox 360 update: Some love it, some don't

Is the new Xbox experience "miles better than the old one," or "confusing" and overwhelming? It depends on who you ask.

The new Xbox 360 dashboard.
The new Xbox 360 dashboard. Microsoft

There's no pleasing everyone. Microsoft learned that lesson this week with its new Xbox 360 update.

After a day-one delay that had folks griping, the software company late yesterday started getting its Xbox 360 update out to the 35 million Xbox Live users around the world. Then as the software made its way onto user consoles, the reactions were mixed.

"[I'm] underwhelmed by the Xbox Update," a Twitter user going by the name of "Kelvinwins" tweeted today. "Metro design is lovely, but the app selection should have been ready for launch. Just a new skin until then."

Another Twitter user, "OfMiceAndMen," was also critical of the update, saying that it's "confusing and new. I don't like it."

However, not everyone was so quick to take issue with the update. In fact, lots of folks are pleased by its many improvements, including its redesigned interface and access to more content.

"Let me say, I like it. I really do," an Xbox user going by the handle "PTP Run And Gun" wrote in Microsoft's official forums. "It's simplified a lot of things for people but the real treat for me is the ability to add my achievements to Facebook, which is a little similar to the way you can do this with the PlayStation. Basically what I'm saying is that this change is good on the whole but people will always try and resist change no matter the benefits."

"ShotZ 007," another poster in the Xbox forums, agreed, saying that the update is "miles better than the old one."

Microsoft announced the "all-new Xbox 360 experience" earlier this week. The update comes with Kinect voice control with Bing search and a new interface.

More importantly, the update delivers boatloads of professional programming, courtesy of deals Microsoft struck with 40 content providers. The service currently supports programming from ESPN, Hulu Plus, Lovefilm (in the U.K.), Netflix, and others. In the coming weeks and months, content from Comcast, Verizon FiOS TV, HBO Go, and others will be added.

The much-hyped software's launch was delayed a bit yesterday while Microsoft worked "through some deployment issues." Even after the software company announced that it had addressed the problem, trouble persisted, causing many users to take to Twitter to express their frustration.

"Had issues connecting to Xbox Live," Twitter user "Gamingangel" tweeted yesterday. "Finally got Terms of Service by logging out and in until it came up." Another user, "Navarin," took a more comedic tone with the issue, saying that the "#xboxupdate took an arrow to the knee."

Microsoft now has a new issue to worry about. According to the Xbox Live status page, the service's Epix app is currently down. The company says that it's "working to resolve the issue," but has yet to say when it expects the app to come back.