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Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 finally gets a Pinterest app

While still labeled "BETA," the virtual pinboard app has the same grid layout and many similar features to the iOS and Android apps.

The Pinterest app for Windows Phone 8. Pinterest

Pinterest has finally made it into Microsoft's Windows Phone app ecosystem. The popular virtual pinboard app debuted on the Windows Phone app store on Thursday.

While the Pinterest app is a long time coming for Windows Phone 8, it's still labeled "BETA." It has the same grid layout and many of the same features as the apps for iOS and Android. It doesn't, however, have the new Guided Search discovery feature that recently rolled out on the other operating systems.

Windows Phone has grown in popularity and market share but still lags as a distant third mobile operating system in a market dominated by Apple and Android.

Microsoft is counting on several of the new features in its upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 to stir up greater interest among consumers. The update will add a long-awaited voice assistant dubbed Cortana and an "Action Center" through which users can view notifications, turn on various network settings, and create a customizable lock screen.