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Microsoft's Vista is definitely a "New Coke" moment...of truth

More customers like the old than the new Windows. Microsoft has a serious problem.

Allegations abound that Microsoft is logging calls to measure demand for "Coke Classic" (also known as Windows XP). Why, well, apparently 165,000 people have already signed a petition to keep "Coke Classic" around.

Perhaps Microsoft is a victim of its own success with XP (which I never liked - I'm a Windows 2000 guy if I'm forced to use a Windows machine at all). Or, more likely, it has simply failed to offer much of value in Vista. At least, not enough to justify upgrading to a bloatware system like Vista.

Will Microsoft persevere in forcing the world to Vista? Perhaps. But the Windows ship is starting to leak as more and more people desert for the Mac.

Or will it capitulate to its customers and simply ride out the next few years on XP until Windows 7 comes along? Doubtful.