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Microsoft's surprise laptop, better signal in pubs and the top tech brands in CNET UK podcast 452

Microsoft's Surface Book packs an alarmingly cool bendy-straw hinge, and Waterstones is taking Kindles off its shelves. All this and more in this week's CNET UK podcast.

Sarah Tew / CBS Interactive

There's nothing like a quirky bit of industrial design to perk up your week, and Microsoft's first ever laptop does the job nicely. We'll be chatting about the unusual, unexpected Surface Book in this week's CNET UK Podcast, as well as running down all of Microsoft's other big news.

We've also got word that high-street favourite Waterstones will stop selling Kindles, citing dwindling demand, and Vodafone's ploy to boost signal in country pubs. Talk about propping up the bar(s), eh? (Thanks to podcast regular Rich Trenholm for that zinger.)

Meanwhile, Twitter has a new boss, and Luke attempts to confound fellow podcasteer Katie Collins with a ruthlessly difficult quiz on unpopular Microsoft Office 97 mascot Clippy. As if that's not enough, we've also got your feedback on all of Microsoft's announcements.

We're always hungry for more tech queries and questions -- so stick 'em in the comments below. Oh, and if you've enjoyed the show, why not leave us a glowing review on iTunes? Hit play and enjoy.

CNET UK podcast 452

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