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Microsoft's Surface 2 tablets ready for preorder

Featuring new kickstands, better graphics, and longer battery life, the tech giant's new tablets can now be ordered via the company Web site.

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Microsoft debuted its new line of Surface tablets on Monday, and now anyone can buy them for preorder.

The two tablets, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, double-down on their predecessors' features. They have enhanced components, new dual-position kickstands, better graphics performance, and longer battery life. The Surface 2, which runs Windows RT, now will come with Outlook, while the Surface Pro 2, which runs Windows 8.1, will continue to operate like a full PC.

Microsoft fixed nearly every hardware issue that buyers criticized in the first versions of the devices while sticking with the same essential design.

While priced similarly to competitors, these tablets don't come cheap. According to Microsoft's preorder Web site, the 32GB Surface 2 will retail for $449, which is actually $50 less than its predecessor. A 64GB will cost $549. The Pro version, meanwhile, starts at $899 for the 64GB version, goes up to $999 for the 128GB, then $1,299 for the 256GB, and tops out at $1,799 for the 512GB.

Docking stations, Touch Cover, Surface Music Kit, and other accessories will all cost extra. The Surface 2 tablets are scheduled to ship on October 21 and arrive in stores on October 22.