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Microsoft's 'Project X Ray' demo for HoloLens looks interesting (Tomorrow Daily 253)

Ashley recaps today's Microsoft event in NYC (and all our favorite things within), explains how Best Buy's new robotic employee works and discusses this week's new releases in film and gaming.

We watched the Microsoft event alongside quite a few of you this morning, and the consensus appears to be that the company generally knocked it out of the park. We tend to agree, but the excitement over its HoloLens "Project X Ray" demo was short-lived for us, as we remembered the headset's "mixed reality" field of view is still much tighter than what's depicted during live streams. Lots of great products, though; we're particularly excited about the two new flagship Lumia phones announced, the Continuum dock, and the Surface Book.

Best Buy has a robot-controlled kiosk in New York City, and we may someday see the technology roll out to other locations if it's successful. "Chloe" is a bright yellow, cheery robot with the ability to retrieve your small purchases from an ATM-like interface. Music, movies, games, and simple accessories are all available at this special human-free location, so if you find yourself in NYC without a charger for your phone, maybe Chloe can help you out.

This week's new releases include Pan, Metal Gear Online, Rock Band 4, and Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash. Also, thanks to Rashid, our Phonetographer of the Day!

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Microsoft's 'Project X Ray' demo for HoloLens looks interesting

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