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Microsoft's Photosynth captures inaugural moment

CNN calls on viewers to submit their inaugural photos, then uses the Microsoft labs technology to allow the moment to be viewed from many angles.

Microsoft's Photosynth creates an interactive 3D panorama from multiple still images. CNN used the technology to re-create Obama's inauguration. CNET News

Microsoft's Photosynth is an impressive tool for stitching together dozens of photos to allow a place or event to be viewed from multiple angles.

The only hard part is it really takes 75 photos or more to get the optimal experience. That's a lot of work for one photographer. But, with big events, one can also rely on crowdsourcing. Which is what CNN has done with the inaugural, asking viewers to send in their photos of Barack Obama's swearing in.

The resulting Photosynth is pretty cool. (It requires Silverlight for viewing.)

For Microsoft, it marks a high-profile showcase of Photosynth and what the technology can do. I expect to see other news organizations use it for other events, particularly sports.

What's the coolest Photosynth you have seen? Post a link below so we can all enjoy.