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Microsoft's newest Halloween documents

Microsoft is no longer hiding (as much) its feelings about open source. No need to look to secret Halloween documents. We have the data right in front of us.

There was a day when Microsoft's confidential internal documents had to be leaked in order to show the company's views on open source (dubbed the "Halloween Documents" by Eric Raymond). Not so anymore. We haven't had a leak in a few years, but we've had more information than ever on what Microsoft intends to do about open source.

Unfortunately, the older Microsoft gets, the more complex its relationship with open source becomes, as the following "Halloween Documents" demonstrate:

At the same time, Microsoft has showed the not-so-conciliatory side of its open-source strategy at times:

And so on. Microsoft is much more open about its intentions vis-a-vis open source. That doesn't mean it's any more supportive of open source. It just means that it's getting easier to glean from public documents how the company feels about open source.

We don't need Halloween Documents to read the tea leaves on Microsoft and open source. We just need to pay attention to what the company is doing. In the open. On an increasing basis.