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Microsoft's new SMB subscription: Killing SMBs softly

Microsoft is trying to pretend it's open source-y. It's not. Here's why.

Dave Rosenberg has a great take on Microsoft's new "Open Value Subscription" for small to medium-sized businesses. The premise is that SMBs can plug into the Microsoft mothership for lower prices and less worry. His take? OVS is NOTA (none of the above):

  • There is nothing open about the code or the contract as you have to use the software for a set period of time
  • The value isn't really there as there is no cost-benefit
  • It's not really a subscription as "lease-like" means it's a perpetual license--you just absorb the cost over time instead of upfront
  • If you already bought all the Microsoft software you might get a discount if you buy this muck too

But hey! Other than the fact that it doesn't do anything that it purports to do, it's great!

Microsoft has tried subscriptions before, but it always ends up jacking up its pricing through subscriptions rather than lowering them, as open source tends to do.