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Microsoft's new security spin

The software company wants to hire an Xbox hacker. And has it solved a Windows 2000 hacking mystery?

The message seems to be "two can play at that game" as the tech titan goes looking for an Xbox hacker who can help it defend against those who want to modify the game console's design. And has the company gotten to the bottom of a Windows mystery?

A hacking mystery solved?
Microsoft claims that new information about a mysterious mass hack shows that the problem isn't faulty Windows 2000 server software--it's your bad passwords.
September 9, 2002

Microsoft wants to hire Xbox hacker
The software giant is seeking an engineer charged with "collecting, evaluating and conducting analysis of modification chips" as part of security research for the game console.
September 9, 2002

previous coverage
Credit card theft feared in Windows flaw
Microsoft says a security flaw in a component that certifies the authenticity of a Web site or of software code could leave user passwords and credit card numbers open to theft.
September 6, 2002

Xbox Live to target hackers?
The company may backtrack on an earlier pledge not to use its Xbox Live online gaming service to crack down on "mod chips."
September 5, 2002

Server attacks stump Microsoft
The company releases further details of a rash of attacks on Windows 2000 servers that has so far stumped the software giant's research team.
September 4, 2002