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Microsoft's new iOS keyboard might be a single-handed typist's dream

Available as a free download, the new iOS keyboard bows before your thumb in the corner of the screen for easier one-handed typing.

Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard for iOS puts a curve at your service.


Microsoft's new iOS keyboard goes out to anyone who's ever dropped an iPhone in the toilet while trying to type with one hand (you know who you are). Called Word Flow, the new Windows Phone-esque keyboard lets you tap or swipe to type, and it also includes customizable, arc-shaped keyboards for ergonomic single-handed typing.

It's Microsoft's second iOS keyboard, coming in hot on the heels of the Hub keyboard that dropped a few weeks ago. Word Flow is the flashier of the two, with options for things like custom colors and photo backgrounds. The true draw, though, is the Arc Mode feature. It bends the entire keyboard into an elbow macaroni-shaped arc and relocates it to a single corner of the screen, like a luxury corner desk for your hard-working thumb.

If simpler single-handed typing appeals to you, then you'll be happy to hear that Word Flow is a free download and available from Apple starting today.