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Microsoft’s IE11 update knows which device you're using

The refresh of Internet Explorer stays in sync from laptop to tablet to phone, and features an enterprise mode for desktop as well as reading and data-saving modes for mobile.

Internet Explorer 11 adapts to users' various devices. Microsoft

Microsoft unleashed a refreshed Internet Explorer 11 Web browser for desktop and mobile during its Build 2014 conference on Wednesday. The updated browser adjusts itself to suit users' smartphones, tablets, and laptops and is now available on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. It will be on Windows Phone 8.1 once that update to the mobile OS is released.

"We've heard that people browse the Web on many devices, switching between their laptop, tablet, and phone throughout the day," Microsoft's Internet Explorer partner group program manager Sam George wrote in a blog post. "Today's update to IE11 means that whatever device you pick up, your tabs and favorites are there for you, right where you left off."

The browser update includes hardware-accelerated WebGL and new high-quality media, like enhanced HTML5 video. Additionally, IE11 will be able to detect users' Windows device and then adjust viewing to best fit the screen size.

Enterprise mode for desktop and reading and data-saving modes for mobile are also available with the new IE11.

"Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 provides improved Internet Explorer 8 compatibility for specified sites," George wrote. "Reading Mode helps you optimize the view of articles like you were reading a digital book on your phone... the new High Savings Mode can be enabled to reduce data consumption by 60-80 percent through reducing image downloads and only loading elements of the page relevant to the content you want to view."

Microsoft also released on Wednesday two new "experiences," dubbed 22Tracks and FishGL, which play up IE11's graphics and music capabilities. The 22Tracks feature helps users find new and emerging music from top DJs and FishGL is an interactive, touch-friendly, 3D graphics feature.

Automatic updates to the new IE11 are slated to begin on April 8 for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 customers.