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Microsoft's Mort: we hardly knew you

Microsoft has developer relations nearly down to a science, to the point that Microsoft classifies developer "personas": Mort is the Visual Basic developer; Elvis writes in C#; and Einstein uses C++.

When Microsoft creates an easy way to do something complex, some one is apt to say: "Now Mort can write transactions!" (For a full Microsoft description, see this blog on personas.)

But that classification system, which appears to be mostly a code-word for Microsofties to use internally, has come under fire in recent days.

Consultant Scott Bellware, a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) who uses Microsoft development software, wrote a blog Tuesday calling the Mort/Elvis/Einstein labels obsolete and an "ethically bankrupt mechanism to pigeon-hole software developers."

Some Microsofties have jumped in to echo his views, including Microsoft high-profile blogger Robert Scoble. John Montgomery who, as it turns out is doing a development tool aimed at hobbyists and "do-it-yourselfers", chimed in as well.

"The existing personae don't map to the reality," wrote Montgomery. "For example, on average a developer uses over 2 programming languages regularly."