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Microsoft's Money 2006 available for preorder starts letting people reserve copies of the upcoming tool and of the software giant's newest Digital Image Suite. has started taking preorders for updated versions of Microsoft's personal finance and photo-editing tools, the software giant said Tuesday.

The software maker said that it will ship Money 2006 and Digital Image Suite 2006 next month but that the titles became available for preorder Tuesday on Amazon.

Money will be available in four editions. Microsoft's suggested prices range from $30 to $90, with mail-in rebates of $5 to $20 also available. Digital Image Suite will be available in two editions, with suggested prices of $50 and $99, with up to $40 in rebates available.

The new version of Money adds the ability to pay multiple online bills from different accounts in one place, as well as an enhanced spending tracker and other features. Chief among the enhancements to the image-editing program are improved organizational capabilities such as the possibility of adding more keywords and labels to photos, as well as new black-and-white special effects.

Microsoft ran into trouble with last year's Money upgrade, as some customers complained about glitches with online bill paying.

Money competes with Intuit's Quicken 2005 software, while Digital Imaging Suite faces a variety of competitors, including products from Adobe Systems and others.