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Microsoft's Major Nelson shows off Xbox One's rapid boot-up

The video shows how the Xbox One can be booted up quickly with a voice prompt through Kinect rather than with a controller.


Microsoft Xbox guru Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb posted a video to his Instagram account Wednesday showcasing how quickly the Xbox One can turn on with voice commands.

The video shows Major Nelson using the "Xbox on" voice command. The Kinect hears that command and turns on the system and logs him in. The boot-up is by no means instant, but Major Nelson says that "it's faster than you can find your controller."

Microsoft has been slowly beating its Xbox One drum over the last few days as its chief competitor, Sony's PlayStation 4, inches its way toward US store shelves on Friday. The Xbox One will launch November 22.

One note about the feature showcased in the video: The Kinect can be configured to accept commands while the Xbox One is off. Those who don't like the idea of the Kinect listening in for the right moment can turn that feature off.

(Via Engadget)