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Microsoft's joy: Apple responds to 'Laptop Hunters'

In the first direct swipe at Microsoft's anti-Mac "Laptop Hunters" advertising campaign, Apple talks viruses, crashes, and headaches.

I hear an excited rumbling in the tummies of the Responsible in Redmond.

I see the tiniest glint in their eyes that is not caused by tree pollen. For Apple has decided to address the Microsoft "Laptop Hunters" campaign, albeit in its usual laconic manner.

John Hodgman, the actor behind the PC guy, has the human version of most of Best Buy with him, as a laptop huntress called Megan declares she wants a big screen with a fast processor.

One by one, the suitors are dismissed as being unsuitable. Their failings? Small screens. Slow processors. Oh, and viruses, crashes, and headaches. A couple had really dreadful suits too.

Perhaps Apple decided that, in a difficult economy, it had to address arguments that it sees as bilge-filled bunkum. Perhaps the company thought the Microsoft ads opened themselves up a little too much to some spring amusement.

However, I am sure that Microsoft executives will be bringing out their handkerchiefs and donning those tight pants with little bells on the bottom in order to perform a ritual dance around the Redmond Morris pole.

This is something that they have not been able to do in quite some time.