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Microsoft's internal org chart down amid layoff chatter

Adding to employee fears of job cuts, an internal tool for tracking Microsoft's employees is listed as down until Friday. Poll

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With rumors of layoffs swirling, some Microsoft workers were dismayed on Wednesday to discover that the company's online internal organizational chart tool is scheduled to be down until Friday.

According to several online postings on Wednesday, those using the tool, known as Headtrax, got the following message:

"The Headtrax application is unavailable at this time and is expected to be back up again on January 23rd."

Workers were not reassured by the message, given that Microsoft announces its quarterly earnings on Thursday and is expected by many to soon detail the company's first-ever companywide layoffs. (It has cut jobs in various units and locations, but has not had the kind of across-the-board cuts common at other tech firms).

A Microsoft representative declined to comment on the Headtrax program or layoffs in general.