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Microsoft's inActiveX

As the software giant talks up COM and the Java-vs.-Windows component debate shifts to the server front, exactly where does ActiveX fit in?

Special report: Active X February 19, 1998
4:00 a.m. PT
Special coverage: inactiveX What is Microsoft's component strategy?

Once the source of enormous hype, ActiveX has fallen victim to a marketing mess of equally large proportions--and Microsoft has only itself to blame.

Microsoft misfires
After much confusion, Redmond is now touting its COM initiative. But how will this play in the industry?

From client to server
Thwarted on the desktop, Microsoft's efforts turn to servers for salvation.

Practice vs. preaching
Is the software giant violating its own technology model with Internet Explorer?

A question of safety
After years of development, security is still an issue for ActiveX.

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--Dennis Moore, vice president, Apptivity Product
Unit, Progress Software


--Gregory Leake, a lead product manager at Microsoft