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Wearable Tech

Microsoft's HoloLens just got a bit more convenient

The first major software update for the augmented reality goggles adds a handful of new features, including multitasking and improved photo support.

James Martin/CNET

With VR products such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google's new Daydream platform dominating the news in recent weeks, Microsoft wants you to remember that its HoloLens augmented reality headset still has some skin in the game.

In addition to shipping its second wave of orders to developers who've paid around $3,000 a pop for first crack at the AR goggles, Microsoft is also rolling out the product's first big software update. Improvements are said to include:

  • Ability to run three apps simultaneously
  • Background playback of music from Microsoft's Groove streaming service
  • 3D rotation and placement of the "holographic" images being viewed
  • New voice commands
  • An easy photo mode for shooting virtual objects in their real-life surroundings, as well as borderless photo pinning
  • Addition of Bluetooth mouse support

Watch the video above to see Microsoft's Alex Kipman recount the full list -- but just remember the cool point-of-view shots are somewhat exaggerated from real life.

The consumer version of HoloLens still has no set release date, but you can check out the latest impressions of the product from our own Sean Hollister below.

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