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Microsoft's foreign policy could backfire

In response to the March 7 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Microsoft's foreign policy on Linux":

Microsoft's reaction--its Government Security Program--is not a response to paranoid countries that do not want to have American software with hidden back doors, but a response to product activation. Each of the countries mentioned in your article has rampant piracy that can only be assumed to also reach into the many branches of government, regardless of the official stance on the matter. Microsoft's product activation scheme is thus pushing these countries away from Microsoft products and toward a more open and free environment.

As countries and people find they cannot gain easy access to Microsoft's products because of the company's activation policy, they will move to other environments. Ultimately, Microsoft's user base will begin to erode and programs like those offered to governments and schools will become more attractive, as Microsoft struggles to maintain its superiority in the face of diminishing market share.

James McCall
Hartsville, S.C.