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Microsoft's first Xbox One push? All about the NFL

The company's first ad shows people watching NFL programming on the Xbox One and promotes some of its integrated football features.

Gaming may be the central function on Microsoft's Xbox One, but in the company's first major Xbox One TV ad, it's all about the pigskin.

The company on Thursday published to YouTube (and television networks) its first Xbox One TV spot. Rather than focus on gaming, however, the ad centers on the upcoming console's ability to integrate with the National Football League's live games. Microsoft also promoted the console's fantasy football integration and the ability to get highlights from different games.

The ad was timed to go live with the opening of the 2013-2014 NFL season, which might be why Microsoft decided to kick off its TV promotions with football. Still, it's somewhat surprising, considering the console is designed first to play games.

That said, Microsoft has made clear to this point that its Xbox One is about more than just gaming and has pushed the entertainment side of its console. It appears, at least for now, that focusing on entertainment is its first-line marketing strategy.