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Microsoft's end to clip art makes Fallon weep

What are Microsoft Office users to do now that clip art is no more? "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon is not happy. He also says goodbye to Google's Captcha.

Fallon would like Microsoft to know that it dropped the ball. NBC/The Tonight Show screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Change can clip human wings.

People are used to doing things a certain way. Then some upstart comes along and decides it just isn't going to be that way anymore.

It seems that Microsoft, with its decision to no longer offer clip art with Office, has caused minds to stir and emotions to boil. Instead, Office products will now surface image results from Bing.

Last night, "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon couldn't help but lament this parlous development in online life. He offered that this was "a devastating blow for church newsletters."

How, indeed, will the hosts of the holy attract the attention of the craven and unworthy? I know you're not supposed to worship graven images, but a few scattered drawings here and there help focus the mind to Sunday mornings.

So Fallon though he'd used a few of Microsoft's old images to express his concern. Why was there an alien pretending to be the Easter Bunny?

When he finished expressing this sadness, he moved along to Google's . What else could he do, but offer a memorial to some of the great captchas of all time?

"Weiner tower," for example. The legendary "scrape myanal," too. And life will surely never be the same without some human being having to type: "grinding pube fuel."

One day, we will all look back on this as having been a golden era, one in which so much was created and so many habits were disrupted.

We won't know for many years how affected we were by all of this and how the sudden withdrawal of such mental stimulus will influence our future development.