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Microsoft's Desktop Mail reads Gmail and Yahoo Mail, too

Microsoft's Desktop Mail reads Gmail and Yahoo Mail, too

Microsoft is already renovating Hotmail and renaming it Windows Live Mail. As if all the Windows Live rebranding weren't confusing enough to track, today a beta edition of yet another e-mail tool is rolling out from Redmond.

The free Windows Live Mail Desktop, set to replace Outlook Express, is a breed apart from the update in the works for the Web-based Hotmail. Mail Desktop's prominent "Add an e-mail account" button lets you set up automatic feeds of messages from Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Other features include built-in RSS feeds to display your handpicked news, drag-and-drop message organizing, POP and IMAP compatibility, and spam and phishing safeguards. You'll be able to edit and attach photos and publish blog entries without leaving the interface. Go to to try the test edition of Desktop Mail. We'll keep you posted once we give it a try.