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Microsoft's battle: On the antitrust trail

Microsoft changes its legal guard, as Bill Neukom retires. But what's there to do now? Settlement deals are moving forward, but the EU is still hot on the case.


Settlements and scuffles

Microsoft's general counsel retires, ending an era. Granted, what's left to do in the landmark antitrust battle? Settlement agreements have been cut as critics have protested; one deal could give Microsoft a leg up in the education market. The EU, however, is still hot on the case.

Recent news

Microsoft's lead lawyer retires
General Counsel Bill Neukom, who in recent years emerged as one of the key players in the software giant's antitrust battle, is retiring after 22 years with the company.

Settlement terms could bite Apple in schools
A proposed settlement agreement in a series of antitrust suits may help the company and its PC allies further erode Apple's position in education.

Microsoft cuts another antitrust deal
The Redmond, Wash.-based software titan has cut a deal that would dismiss more than 100 pending private antitrust cases against the company.

Judge urged to accept Microsoft deal
The DOJ tells a federal judge that its settlement with Microsoft will stop the company's monopolistic practices, and it asks her to endorse the deal without too much tampering.

Europe unfazed by Microsoft proposal
Mario Monti, the European Union's top antitrust officer, won't say how or if the European Commission will be swayed by the proposed settlement in the U.S.

Breakaway states nix Microsoft pact
Several states have refused to accept an agreement between the Justice Department and Microsoft, choosing instead to press for further antitrust litigation.

In-depth reports and commentary

Settlement: Microsoft, DOJ come to terms
special coverage The antitrust proposal has far-reaching implications. Critics say it does little to reverse the company's dominance, however.

The gatekeeper: Microsoft's Net strategy
special report As the PC market suffers, Microsoft embarks on an ambitious campaign to transform itself from a software manufacturer into a services company.

Microsoft's reprieve: Breakup avoided
special coverage In a 125-page decision, an appeals court sends an order to break up the software giant back to a lower court.

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Debating the Microsoft settlement
Jonathan Zuck, president, Association for Competitive Technology, and Chris Murray, Internet & Telecom Counsel, Consumers Union
November 2, 2001

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Gates agrees to make settlement a success
Bill Gates, chairman, and Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft
November 2, 2001


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