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Microsoft working on Hotmail's iPad issue

Software giant says it's looking into problems running its Web mail service on Apple's tablet. For now, it's sending users to mobile Hotmail site.

Microsoft says that it is working hard to figure out what is causing problems for iPad users trying to run Hotmail on the popular Apple tablet.

"Unfortunately, we've seen some issues with using Hotmail on the new Apple iPad," Mike Schackwitz said in a blog posting on Friday. "Specifically, composing and replying to an e-mail is not working for some of our users."

Posters on various Apple forums have been noting problems since last month, such as the device freezing up when trying to reply to an e-mail.

Microsoft said that it is "working with Apple to understand the issues."

"In the meantime, we have directed all iPad traffic to our mobile Hotmail web site," Microsoft said. "Alternatively, you can set up the iPad e-mail client to use POP to download your Hotmail."