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Microsoft vs Google and the race for the top cloud

Before choosing a set of cloud apps for your business, tune in to a ZDNet face-off over the competing merits of Office 365 and Google Apps.

James Martin/CNET

If you want controversy, forget Coke versus Pepsi, or Ginger vs. Mary Ann. Try Microsoft against Google. Ed Bott and Christopher Dawson are tearing it up in their Great Debate over at ZDNet today, arguing the pros and cons of Microsoft Office 365 versus Google Apps for Business.

The subject du jour is one that's likely to command greater attention throughout the rest of the year now that both Microsoft and Google have competing business software suites in the "cloud." As Bott notes, "Google has done a good job of scaling its free Gmail service into something that a lot of people love. But which company will I trust my business with?"

At that point, the disagreements begin -- which mirrors the divided opinions of pros charged with choosing the right apps for their companies in this increasingly cloud-centric world of ours. Check out the debate. It makes for an entertaining read.