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Microsoft unleashes another 'laptop hunter' ad

In the latest spot, it's a mom and kid in search of a computer. Not surprisingly, they go with a PC.

Microsoft's assault on Apple is continuing, as the software maker is ready with the third in its "Laptop Hunter" series of Windows ads.

This time it's a mom and kid in search of an entertainment notebook. Guess, what? They go with a PC--a Sony this time. And, instead of going to Fry's, they hit Best Buy.

Otherwise, it's pretty much the same thread as the earlier spots, though this time Microsoft once again plays the kid card.

Microsoft had said when it launched the "Lauren" spot that there would be several ads along the same theme.

The new spot comes just as the company has made its latest "Apple Tax" claim online, an argument I argue overstates their case.

I'm sure the new ad will be on TV soon, but here it is via YouTube.