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Tech Industry

Microsoft under the gun

special coverage NEWS.COM examines the legal, business, and technological aspects of the latest charges against Microsoft.

special coverage  In a move with wide ramifications, the Justice Department has charged Microsoft with violating a 1995 consent decree governing the licensing of its Internet Explorer browser and the Windows 95 operating system. Now, national consumer groups are rallying for closer scrutiny of the Redmond empire in general. NEWS.COM examines the legal, business, and technological aspects of the latest charges.

Microscope on Microsoft
Nader vs. Redmond
•  Evidence needed to snag Microsoft
•  MS critics want a clean fight
•  Nader: Microsoft "uniquely ruthless"   Q&A
•  Gates decries "witch hunt"
•  Nader opens campaign against MS
•  Redmond fires back
War of words
•  MS: DOJ aims to stall upgrades
•  Gates states his anti-DOJ case
•  Senate reviews IE contract with ISP
•  Microsoft criticized at ITxpo97
•  DOJ's Klein in antitrust hot seat  
•  Senator backs Klein  
•  Next steps in antitrust case  
•  Chase: "We didn't strong-arm anybody"  
•  Microsoft says DOJ is out of bounds  
•  Antitrust case boils down to 55 words  
The case unfolds
•  PC makers' worst fear: angering MS  
•  Software giant woos wary industry  
•  PC makers detail Microsoft pressure  
•  Documents show Netscape envy  
•  MS speaks out on Compaq threat  
•  "Integration" at heart of case  
•  Readers support government  
•  What's at stake for consumers  
Manufacturers under oath
•  Compaq software director testifies
•  Microsoft letter to Compaq: June 6, 1996
•  Microsoft letter to Compaq: June 25, 1996
•  Gateway software director testifies
•  Other Gateway executives speak out
•  Declaration of Micron manager
Redmond vs. the DOJ
•  Microsoft violations charged
•  Cautious assessments of charges
•  Case tops long list of probes
•  A history of Microsoft investigations   timeline
•  DOJ press release outlines case
•  Microsoft claims no wrongdoing
•  Interviews and analysis   CNET Radio
Previous coverage
•  IE 4.0 sets up new battles   special coverage
•  Microsoft faces Nader group (October 17, 1997)
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