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Microsoft tries to make Windows 7 easier to open

The software maker says it will use simpler packaging for the retail versions of the operating system.

Microsoft is trying to make Windows 7 easier than Windows Vista on many levels--right down to the box it comes in.

Microsoft aims to make Windows 7 easier to use, even when it comes to getting the disc out of the box. Microsoft

One of the many criticisms of Windows Vista was the incredibly complex packaging that Microsoft used for both Vista and Office 2007. In an effort to prevent theft and piracy, Microsoft created boxes that required their own set of instructions to open.

In a blog posting on Wednesday, Microsoft said it will use a package that is shaped similarly to the Vista one. However, the box will open more like a standard DVD case.

The case, which will be recyclable, will contain just the disc and a getting started guide. Overall, Microsoft said it reduced the packaging weight by 37 percent.

Microsoft plans to start selling Windows 7 on October 22, although pre-sales of the product as well as a free upgrade program for new PC buyers are expected to both kick off on Friday.