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Tech Industry

Microsoft touts 25 percent eBay Cashback rebate

The software giant's program to pay people for using its search engine for purchasing is dangling more significant incentive for eBay purchases.

Microsoft is getting more aggressive with Live Search Cashback, a program that offers price cuts for those who buy products found with the company's search engine, touting a 25 percent rebate for items purchased through eBay.

eBay has long been a Cashback partner, but the company went to the trouble of promoting the deal on its Live Search blog Thursday. Kok Waii Wong, Microsoft's group product manager for Live Search, announced the 25 percent eBay rebate on the blog. There are some conditions, though, including a $200 cashback limit and payment through PayPal only. It's offered only in the United States.

That rebate rate is significantly higher than the rebate from most stores, though a few come close, such as with a 20 percent rebate.

Microsoft also offers a program called SearchPerks that awards points for searching; points later can be redeemed for prizes. The programs are part of its effort to bring more attention to its search engine and compete better against Google and Yahoo.