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Microsoft touts 1M subscribers for Office 365 Home Premium

Company officials say more than a million people have signed on as Office 365 Home Premium subscribers in the first 100 days the product has been available.


Microsoft has reached the 1 million subscriber mark with its Office 365 Home Premium product, company officials said on May 29.

The company launched Office 365 Home Premium on January 29. For $100 per year, Office 365 Home Premium allows users to install Office client apps on up to five PCs and/or Macs in total. Users who subscribe rather than buy the single-use Office 2013 complement outright, also are supposed to receive regular feature updates and synchronization capabilities by signing in through

Microsoft is trying to convince more users to subscribe to its software as if it were a service.

Company officials are saying Microsoft reached the 1 million mark in about 100 days, or three and a half months, according to the graphic in today's Office News Blog post. 

This story originally appeared as "Microsoft: 1 million Office 365 Home Premium subscribers on board" on ZDNet.